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Experience the power of optimization with! This suite of tools is designed to enhance the performance of your MS Windows operating system. not only removes unwanted software and dead references from your disk drives and registry, but it also puts you in control of your MS Windows startup process and memory monitoring. With the ability to customize your desktop and system settings, you can tailor your computing environment to fit your specific needs. also boosts the speed and stability of your internet connection, ensuring a smoother online experience. Prioritizing your privacy, it keeps your sensitive information secure. Upgrade your PC’s performance and security with! Additional Information


Latest version: 24.7.1  |  From: July 15, 2024

WinTools is an all-encompassing suite of utilities engineered to amplify the efficiency of your Microsoft Windows operating system. It not only purges your disk drives and registry of superfluous software and obsolete references, but it also empowers you to manage your Microsoft Windows startup process and memory surveillance. With the provision to personalize your desktop and system configurations, you can modify your computing milieu to align with your distinct requirements. further bolsters the velocity and dependability of your internet connectivity, assuring a seamless online journey. Prioritizing your confidentiality, it safeguards your sensitive data. encompasses a Clean Uninstaller, Scan Files, Scan Shortcuts, Scan Registry, Startup Manager, Tweak UI, Net Tweaker, Your Privacy, Invisible Man, File Shredder, and more. Irrespective of whether you’re operating a personal computer at home or managing the most sophisticated dedicated servers, these tools are pledged to boost your computer’s performance.

The software is accessible in three variants: Home, Professional, and Premium. Each variant is customized to cater to diverse user requirements, ranging from rudimentary home usage to intricate professional prerequisites.

Pay Attention! To use this program you need the administrator rights. Before working with the we recommend that you close all other applications.

Experience the power of optimization with! system requirements:

  • Operating system: MS Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7/VISTA/Me/2000/XP x86 x64
  • Download Size: 3 MB
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Tools included in

Wintools Clean Uninstaller

is utilized for both the accurate uninstallation of software and for tracking modifications made to the hard drive, MS Windows registry, and system files during the installation of a program. Scan Files

is used for periodic cleaning of your hard drive from dead references, junk, and obsolete files produced by different software. These files and references persist on the hard disk, leading to increased drive access time. Scan Shortcuts

is utilized to periodically scan shortcuts of the MS Windows operating system in order to identify, rectify, or eliminate shortcuts with dead or broken links. Scan Registry

is employed for the regular cleaning of the MS Windows registry, removing unused applications that remain after uninstallation and invalid references that decrease system speed and system loading time. Startup Manager

permits you to monitor, add, remove, enable, and/or disable individual startup items. It modifies applications that are initialized during the loading process of the operating system. Objects Eraser

eliminates traces of activity on your computer. It purges the history of initiated programs, search history, history of recently opened documents, and browsing history of various internet browsers. System Tweaker

is a collection of supplementary adjustments related to safety, system capacity, and user preferences that are not encompassed in the basic components of MS Windows. Net Tweaker

is used to enhance the speed and stability of the Internet connection by utilizing hidden system settings. It corrects TCP/IP connection errors and updates caches. Duplicate Files

is a user-friendly tool that assists you in locating and eradicating duplicate files (files that have identical content, but not necessarily the same name) from your computer. Invisibility

is utilized for storing private information and its subsequent restoration. This is beneficial if you prefer not to have any information retained by the system. File Shredder

is a tool that shreds and permanently eliminates unwanted files and the contents of selected folders from your computer, making recovery impossible.