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Experience the power of optimization with! This suite of tools is designed to enhance the performance of your MS Windows operating system. not only removes unwanted software and dead references from your disk drives and registry, but it also puts you in control of your MS Windows startup process and memory monitoring. With the ability to customize your desktop and system settings, you can tailor your computing environment to fit your specific needs. also boosts the speed and stability of your internet connection, ensuring a smoother online experience. Prioritizing your privacy, it keeps your sensitive information secure. Upgrade your PC’s performance and security with!

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Latest version: 24.5.1  |  From: May 28, 2024


Presenting ExtraDisks, a robust suite of tools expertly designed for creating Virtual Disks on your computer. With ExtraDisks, your physical drives are preserved in their original state, undivided and unaltered, thereby maintaining the integrity of your existing data.

ExtraDisks brings to you tools for crafting three distinct types of virtual disks:

   ● Encrypted Disks: Fortify your sensitive data with the formidable power of AES encryption. These disks are the ideal solution for safeguarding confidential information, offering you peace of mind.
   ● File-Based Virtual Disks: Streamline your workflow when handling a multitude of small files. This feature is perfect for transferring a large number of files, such as photos or music, between computers.
   ● Folder-Based Virtual Disks: Navigate the contents of deeply nested subfolders with ease. Connect a music or photo folder as a drive for swift and convenient access.

With ExtraDisks, you embrace the versatility of virtual storage without the need to modify your physical drives. Experience the luxury of customized data management. Give ExtraDisks a try today and transform the way you store and access your data, stepping into a new era of digital storage solutions.

Pay Attention! To use this program, you need the administrator rights. Before working with the ExtraDisks we recommend that you close all other applications.

ExtraDisks system requirements:

  • Operating system: MS Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7/VISTA x86 x64
  • Download size: 3 MB
  • Official site:
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Tools included in ExtraDisks


ExtraDisksExtraDisks: Encrypted Disk

is a tool engineered for creating encrypted disks on your computer. This disk serves as a secure vault for storing confidential information that you wish to keep private from other users. The disk employs real-time AES128/AES256 encryption algorithms, ensuring constant protection of your data against unauthorized access.

ExtraDisksExtraDisks: Virtual Disk

is a tool designed to create virtual disks without partitioning the hard drive of your computer into additional drives. This tool utilizes a file as the foundation for virtual disks. File-based virtual disks simplify the process of working with a large number of small files, especially when transferring them between computers.

ExtraDisksExtraDisks: Folder Disk

is a tool used for creating virtual disks without creating additional partitions on the hard drive of your computer. This tool operates in both system modes - Elevated and Non-Elevated. It uses a folder as the basis for virtual disks, making it easier to access frequently used folders on your computer.

ExtraDisksExtraDisks: Startup Manager

is a tool that allows you to monitor, add, remove, enable, and/or disable individual startup items. It lets you adjust applications initialized during the loading process of the operating system. With this tool, you can disable virtual disks of third-party companies, giving you greater control over your system startup.

ExtraDisksExtraDisks: System Tweaker

is a set of additional adjustments related to safety, system capacity, and user preferences, which are not included in the basic components of MS Windows. This tool allows for a more personalized and secure user experience.